Top 10 Apple Resources for Nutrition Professionals

February 09, 2018

Are you a registered dietitian, nutritionist, health practitioner, or interested in further learning about apples and human health? We’ve rounded up everything you and your health-seeking clients want to know about apples.


1. Research study – A summary of the latest studies highlighting the potential health benefits of apples. We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but this helps us back it up with science.


2. Apple usage guide – Check out this handy chart to find out which Ontario apples are best used for salads, sandwiches, baking and eating fresh. Helping your clients enjoy apples in a variety of ways is a great way to encourage new foods and healthy habits.


3. Farm to fruit bowl infographic – Learn about the journey Ontario apples take from the farm to the packing plant before it makes its way to your fruit bowl. Knowing where our food comes from is as important as knowing what’s in it.

4. Care & handling of apples – What’s the best way to store apples? Ensuring your apples are stored properly means they are on hand whenever the crunch craving strikes.

5. Environmental fact sheet – Ontario’s apple farmers are committed to protecting the environment and producing the best apple crop possible.

6. Is there wax on apples? – Best Food Facts expert shares the role of natural apple wax and why food grade wax is used on apples.

7. What you need to know about pesticides – Eat Right Ontario provides consumer-friendly messages you can use as a base for your communications on apples and pesticides.

8. Farm and Food Care speaker request form - Planning a conference or webinar for nutrition professionals? Consider a speaker who can provide facts about agricultural practices making it easier to answer those farm-fork consumer questions.

9. 4 easy ways to use apples - Writing a blog or article on apples? Use this helpful info-graphic as a great idea starter or link to it.

10. Apple recipes from Ontario Apple Growers - Consumers are always looking for recipes. Link to these recipes or use them as inspiration to create your own crave healthy recipes.


By Carol Harrison, Registered Dietitian and Zannat Reza, Registered Dietitian