Bite-Sized Tart Tatin

This recipe is courtesy of Durham College and was part of our cooking demo at the 2014 Royal Winter Fair

Serves 12

Chef Tip: If the caramel gets too cool and the apples are sticking, put back in the oven for a minute or so to soften the caramel.

Variety Tip: For best results use Ontario Gala


1 12-hole muffin pan
12 circles puff pasty
4 Ontario Royal Gala Apples Peeled
250 ml granulated sugar 1 cup
45 ml water 3 tbsp
2ml lemon juice 1/2 tsp


Preheat oven to 375°F

Prepare a 12-hole muffin pan by lightly buttering the bottom of each opening. Roll the puff pastry to 1/8" thick, then cut into circles the diameter of your muffin tin.  Pierce with a fork 3 rows across.  Place in fridge until later.

Cut opposing sides off of the apples, leaving the core, then cut the remaining 2 pieces, leaving the core as a 3/4", 1.5 cm square. Place the round apple pieces flat-side down  and cut one third through the apple thickness, making 6 score marks in each. Repeat the procedure for the rectangular pieces, with 3 scores in each.

Prepare the Caramel:

Combine the sugar, water & lemon juice in a broad frying pan. Cook over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved into a syrup. Add the apples to the syrup, cook until the caramel begins to turn golden.  Remove from the heat.

Remove the cooked apples from the pan and set on a parchment-lined baking sheet. ** They will be very hot due to the caramel. Place approximately 3/4 tsp of the syrup into each muffin tin. Place the apples, scored-side down on top of the caramel. Top each apple with a circle of puff pastry, pressing it down around the edges of the pan.

Bake in oven, approximately 12 minutes until pastry is golden.

Remove from the oven, wait approximately 1-2 minutes then, using a spoon, remove each tart tatin from the muffin tin. Place on a baking pan, apple side up.

If desired, place a few slices of fresh cranberry on top of the apple before the pastry is added.