Mission and Vision

Mission - To foster a thriving industry and sustainable farms so that consumers can enjoy a wide variety of fresh, locally grown apples.

Vision - Ontario apples: The first pick for healthy consumers.

Our Work - We support the success of our members through promotion, advocacy, innovation and collaboration.

 OAG Focus Areas

Promoting Ontario Apples

  • Build consumer preference for Ontario grown apples
  • Enhance knowledge and confidence in how apples are produced to increase public trust

Advocating for Cometitiveness and Innovation

  • Advocate to maintain/improve access to crop protection tools to ensure grower competitiveness and sustainability
  • Ensure growers have reliable access to qualified workforce
  • Improve effectiveness of Business Risk Management programs to help growers manage risks and stimulate industry growth
  • Reduce regulatory overload on growers

Keeping Members Informed

  • Support improved fruit quality, grower profitability and orchard efficiency through knowledge transfer to growers
  • Encourage knowledge transfer among new and young apple growers
  • Support grower decision making by providing market and consumer insights

Improving Fruit Quality and Orchard Efficiency

  • Maintain strong access to research funding programs
  • Encourage progress through research, innovation and technology transfer
  • Invest in the development of new cultivars adapted to Ontario conditions
  • Ensure Ontario growers keep pace with other apple growing regions

Effective Governance and Operations

  • Continually improve Board and committee effectiveness
  • Increase mentoring and succession planning for Board and Committee positions
  • Update governance structure and policies to reflect future needs
  • Negotiate juice apple pricing for growers
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships through regular consultations with industry groups